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Discover backward integrated supply chain solutions and sustainable colourants from Chroma Specialty Chemicals.

Our featured products meet technical and commercial standards for plastics, coatings and ink industries.

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Coloured, black or white solid particles that are insoluble in water and other solvents or materials. Classical Azo Pigments, high performance azo and polycyclic pigments and coloured inorganic pigments.


Coloured, black or other colour altering materials (e.g. photochromic dyes) that are soluble in water, solvents or the material they are used. Solvent dyes, disperse dyes, vat dyes.

Specialty Chemicals

Delve into our specialty chemicals, including advanced optical brighteners; Optical Brighteners OB and OB-1

Good to Know:

Our Organic Pigments

Organic pigments are vibrant colorants derived from carbon-based compounds, offering a broad spectrum of shades and excellent properties. Key types include Azo pigments, known for their brilliant hues and versatility in applications; DPP (diketopyrrolopyrrole), which provide outstanding lightfastness and brightness; Perylene pigments, noted for their exceptional durability and heat stability; Benzimidazolone, offering high performance in a range of colors; and Phthalocyanine (Phthalo), famous for their intense blue and green shades with superior fastness properties. These pigments are essential in industries like paints, inks, and plastics, where color quality and stability are crucial.

Our Inorganic Pigments

Inorganic pigments, derived from mineral compounds, are celebrated for their robustness and vibrant colors. Lead chromate offers bright yellow to red hues and is known for its high opacity and heat stability, although its use is restricted in many regions due to environmental and health concerns. Ultramarine, a deep blue pigment, is prized for its excellent lightfastness and non-toxicity, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. Bismuth vanadate is another non-toxic alternative providing brilliant, high-opacity yellow shades, frequently used in plastics and coatings. These pigments are essential for applications demanding durability and vibrancy.

Our Dyes

Dyes are versatile colorants used across various industries to achieve vibrant colors with excellent solubility and compatibility with different substrates. Solvent dyes are highly soluble in organic solvents, making them ideal for plastics and inks where vibrant, transparent colors are required. Acid dyes are water-soluble and typically used for dyeing proteins like wool and silk, offering a wide range of bright shades. Disperse dyes are primarily used for synthetic fibers such as polyester, providing brilliant hues and good wash fastness. Each type of dye offers specific properties and benefits, making them essential for creating colorful and durable products.

Our Specialty Chemicals

Specialty chemicals such as Optical Brighteners OB and OB-1 are crucial for enhancing the appearance of materials by converting ultraviolet light into visible light, giving fabrics, papers, and plastics a brighter, whiter look. OB is widely used in detergents and papers, providing moderate thermal stability, while OB-1 is preferred for plastics due to its excellent heat resistance and strong brightening effects. These chemicals are invaluable in industries aiming to improve the aesthetic appeal of products by making them appear cleaner and more vibrant. Their unique properties also extend to various applications including textiles, cosmetics, and coatings, among others.