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About Us

About Us

International Distribution
of Pigments, Dyes &
Specialty Chemicals

Chroma Specialty Chemicals supplies an extensive range of pigments, dyes and specialty chemicals for the Coatings, Plastics, Inks and many related industries. We collaborate with backwards integrated manufacturers for a sustainable and secure future. Together with our exclusive partners, we have the agility and diversity to progress with you as your technical and commercial requirements evolve. Chroma Insider News, Supply & Cost Trends and Compliance Corner are some customised services that add value to our customer relationships.

We proudly partner with leading manufacturers from India, China and the European Union, harnessing a wealth of expertise and cutting-edge technology. This global collaboration ensures our products are crafted with precision, adhering to the highest standards of quality and innovation to meet diverse market demands.

Expert Advice & Customer Service

Transparency is our business philosophy. You will have full insight into our partners, manufacturers, brands, and products.

Exceptional Product Portfolio

High quality products and application solutions to cater to changing requirements are accessible from our warehouses in North America, Europe, and Asia

Sustainable Supply Chain

Partners excel in backward integration, quality, innovation, environmental protection and supply chain stability.Reducing environmental impact to conserve resources is a priority.

Working with Chroma Specialty Chemicals

Our Partners

Our partners have made significant investments in producing their raw materials, ensuring consistent quality, supply, and long-term stability. These investments are part of their commitment to maintaining high standards and reliability across all products. With solid foundations in manufacturing, they are recognized leaders in backward integration. This strategic approach allows them to control every step of the production process, from sourcing raw materials to final product creation, enhancing efficiency and reducing dependencies on external suppliers. This integration ensures not only superior product quality but also the flexibility to respond quickly to market changes and customer needs, reinforcing their industry leadership.

Our Customer Service

At Chroma Specialty Chemicals, our profound understanding of the supply chain, coupled with extensive R&D experience and deep technical expertise in the color industry, uniquely positions us to serve our clients. Acting as a crucial bridge between customers and suppliers, we provide more than just products; we offer comprehensive customer service. This includes technical support that helps clients navigate complex challenges, application know-how to optimize product use, and guidance on regulatory compliance ensuring all solutions meet the highest standards. Our commitment extends beyond transactions, focusing on fostering strong, supportive relationships that enable our customers to thrive in their respective markets.

Our Portfolio

Our product line is exceptionally diverse, encompassing a wide range of pigments and dyes to meet the varied needs of our global clientele. We offer metal azos, diarylides, naphthol reds, disazos, benzimidazolones, isoindolines, quinacridones, perylenes, carbazoles, phthalocyanines, DPPs, lead chromates, ultramarine blues, solvent dyes, and optical brighteners. Each of these products is available from our strategically located warehouses in North America, Europe, and Asia, ensuring prompt and efficient delivery worldwide. This extensive selection enables us to provide tailored solutions for a variety of applications in industries such as plastics, coatings, inks, and textiles, helping our customers achieve the best possible results with high-quality materials.


Committed to Keeping People and Environment Healthy & Safe

Discover our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), where we prioritize ethical practices, community engagement, and environmental sustainability in every aspect of our business.

We Follow Best Practices

Explore our dedication to excellence, where integrity, environmental stewardship, and social responsibility guide our every action.